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The B2B Complex Sale

  • The B2B sales process is long and complex
  • The B2b products or services are complex too
  • In B2B a personalized sales pitch is required: no generic marketing messages
  • The timing of the message is important
  • Your prospects will research also on your website: monitor your website for your leads
  • Find more contacts
  • LEADSExplorer will support you in the entire B2B complex sales process

B2B Sales cycles will require time

The B2B decision and purchase cycle is a long and extended process, involving different people and can have several decision makers.
Using LEADSExplorer the process can be followed up in the Lead Follow-up System, not only by the direct interactions between Sales and the Prospect, but also by the visits on the website of the other people involved.
A visit is a sign of interest and needs to be analyzed.

B2B products or services are complex

B2B products or services have many features and functions making them more complex, but also their benefits need to be matched and presented appropriately.
LEADSExplorer allows for investigating on the demand by search terms used and pages visited and the returning visits. Additionally the background information can be obtained of the company and people involved in order to match the benefits better to the company.

B2B selling propositions are personalized

The business proposition needs to present value-based differentiated solutions with the most appropriate benefits highlighted, for supporting rational buying decisions.
LEADSExplorer brings together all required information for having intelligent and compelling communications and conversations.

B2B requires focused personalized timely sales pitch.

B2C is mass marketing using generic communications and approaches, applicable without timing constraint, all related to the larger numbers of addressees.
B2B requires almost unique one-off communications for individuals.
LEADSExplorer provides information from the website by search terms used and pages visited, but also the timing when interest has been shown.

B2B involves emotion and motivation too

Contrary to the generic idea, B2B marketing is not without emotion.
Fear and trust also rules within B2B.
The motivators are not solely based upon rational decisions, as is with ‘getting the same product or service as the competitor or neighbor company has’.
If LEADSExplorer cannot provide you with any clue, maybe these non rational reasons are the reason.

Importance of corporate brands in B2B

The importance of brands is related to trust (trusting the vendor company) and fear (buying a known brand is easier than an unknown brand, as there is less apparent risk).
Unfortunately LEADSExplorer cannot change or influence the brand impression.

B2B prospects will conduct research

As there are many risks involved and several people in the decision process, there is an ample amount of research going on during the entire buying process. This research will involve multiple website visits from different people.
LEADSExplorer will reveal these visits, inquiries and returning visits.

B2B Marketers need to work with little research data

In B2C there is sufficient data in order to have statistics about the market for further research.
Whereas in B2B the amount of statistic data is limited or none existing, as each purchase case can be totally unique.
LEADSExplorer will give insight on the interests, needs, behavior, background information of the prospected companies and their decision makers.

In the B2B decision process many people are involved

In a company many people are involved in a buying cycle:
Recommenders, Influencers, Approvers, Board members  
LEADSExplorer allows for a possible inquiry on the possible people involved and investigation on them. Of course all the data can be stored in the Lead Follow-up System.

B2B has different channel sales systems and strategies

Direct sales, Channel sales, Value Added Reseller sales, Partner sales, …
LEADExplorer allows for the best guess for recognizing who is involved in a certain sales process by the visiting companies and the interest shown.

B2B Selling based upon personal interactions

B2B Sales rely on personal interactions, through this one-to-one customer relationship building is possible.
LEADSExplorer allows for identifying the needs and interest by visitor and also the reaction upon the previous communication or conversation, allowing for immediate adjustment of the communication or conversation.

B2B works from the inside with direct contacts

Selling in B2B is all about direct contacts between Sales people and the employees of the potential customer.
LEADSExplorer allows for registering the direct contacts and exchanged communications within the Lead Follow-up System, but at the same time will automatically reveal subsequent visits on the website after these communications, thus allowing improving on the relation with the direct contacts of companies.
This will not solely work for the current project, but also for the next project as these contacts will show interest by re-visiting the website.

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