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Lead Generation is driven by Technology advances

  • Technology changes allow and imply lead generation changes
  • Outbound marketing is OUT - Inbound marketing is IN
  • LEADSExplorer supports you in this change

Prospect Generation as it used to be

A long time ago salesmen would visit company by company in order to present and promote door to door their products. This could only be achieved locally.
Method: Push Marketing

Lead Generation has always adopted new widespread technology advances

The salesmen has always adopted his method of Lead generation and prospecting to the latest available technology.

Prospecting Facts

  • The mailing and emailing methods are declining in success rates.
  • Call centers are proving to be less effective as no real conversation is build with the interested party. And people are not longer willing to participate in answering these 'questions conversations'.
  • The high cost of physical transportation and high salesmen wages doesn’t allow for immediate face-to-face contact, without previous inquiry and qualification.
  • People want to decide themselves and avoid being pushed.
  • Only 2-3% of the visitors ever submit their contact details on a website. The most potential is in the 97% of website visitors for who no contact details exist.

Push Marketing (Outbound marketing):

Forcing buyers to become qualified as leads, just because they might qualify, is not the way to go. As this pushing, could mean a lot of wasted time and efforts for all parties involved.

Inbound Marketing (Pull):

Purchase processes that make the most sense for both the buyer and seller are likely the best combination with highest possible success.
Your website attracts the potential buyers from various sources and they only need to get identified as company and recognized as potential buyer.

The new Lead Generation

The new solution is in the discovery of website visitors, by revealing their Company names and their interest by the pages visited.

  • Know who is visiting: company name
  • Know why they are visiting: interest products
  • Know their online behavior: buying intentions
  • Know more ...

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