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Lead Generation before the Internet Area

Prospecting changed by Public Transportation improvement

Technology advancement: Train network.
Advantage: larger geographical areas became possible and specialization of the Salesmen.
Method: Push Marketing

Leads contacting changed by Telephony availability

Technology advancement: Telephone became wide spread.
Advantage: no transportation costs for first Lead Generation.
Method: Push Marketing.

Finding potential customers telephone directories

Technology advancement: compiling directories with classifications.
All potential leads could be found in different books, all addressable by telephone.
Thus Cold Calling came into existence.
This gave the advantage of Lead Generation over a wide area and lower costs as no physical transportation was required.
Even more importantly a Cold Call could get a conversation with the Very Important Top Officer.
The major draw back of Cold Calling is the waste of time for the Salesman with uninterested companies.
Method: Push Marketing

Lead Generation change due to Individual Transportation

Technology advancements:
- Highways – Autobahn – Interstate.
- Affordable and reliable cars.
Advantage: larger geographical areas became possible and specialization of the Salesmen.
Using highways by car larger areas became possible and no constraints of train time schedules.
Method: Push Marketing

Getting Interested Parties by Mailing automation: Direct Marketing

Technology advancement:
- Automated Letter sorting.
- OCR Address Recognition.
Advantage: mass mailings became possible and on time delivery.
Although generating prospects by sending letters has existed since the beginning of post system, the capability of sending out mass mailings which were processed by machines brought new opportunities.
This has lead to mass mailings.
Method: Push Marketing.

Prospecting by operators in call centres: outbound telemarketing services

Technology advancement: Automation of calling.
Computer Telephony Integration (CTI).
Advantage: Call centre operators cost less than Salesmen.
Instead of the Salesman wasting his time on the telephone, a first filter of possible leads is done by an operator using a script.
The scripts are fixed, thus no real interaction with the potential buyer. This can lead to not recognizing certain Prospects, is less interesting for the potential buyer, as he will obtain less information.
Method: Push.

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