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Lead Generation during the Internet Era

  • Changes in prospecting due to the Internet
    • Website as display
    • Email
    • Combining email and website
    • Ads to drive traffic to website
    • The Internet as main information source
  • Take advantage with LEADSExplorer

Leads and the birth of the Company Website

Technology advancement: Internet – Company websites
Every company displayed their products or explained their services online.
Interested parties could submit their contact details including email on line.
Salesmen could contact directly the interested parties.
Problem: low rate of submissions: 2-3% of total number of visitors.
Method: Pull (Inbound) Marketing.

Getting Prospects using Electronic mailing

Technology advancement: email addresses and email use have become wide spread.
Advantage: low cost compared to physical mailings.
Instead of physically sending out letters to thousands of Decision Makers in Companies, emails could be sent at a much lower cost.
Additionally: due to the lower cost and flexibility of email, different messages could be used and tried-out for testing of the effectiveness of Prospect generation.
Problem: obtaining new email addresses.
Method: Push Marketing.

Lead Generation using the Internet by combining emails with websites

Technology advancement: a web browser on every desk (PC).
Using a link in the email, leading to a landing page, the visitor could be tracked.
Advantage: immediate response and interest measurement.
This system has evolved into massive emailing (even for B2B) and thus spamming.
Problem: obtaining new email addresses.
Method: Push Marketing.

Interested Parties by Internet advertising related to content

Technology advancement: Sensing the content of a web page and presenting possible related advertisements.
The advantage is in the content related to the advertising, thus capturing interested parties.
Problem: false clicks including click bots, misunderstood short advertising message, wrong content sensing. (Lead is a metal not an interested party).
Method: between Push and Pull (Inbound) Marketing.

Prospecting as the Internet becomes omnipresent

Technology advancement: Search engines allow for 24x7 market research.
Decision Makers can investigate themselves without being pushed by any Marketing.
Problem: Salesmen need to discover and identify the visitors.
Solution: LEADSExplorer
Method: Pull (Inbound) Marketing.

visiting companies

Benefits LEADSExplorer:

  • Cold Calling more effectively
    Only call those companies, who have visited, thus have shown interest.
    Higher likelihood of success with Cold Calling.
    Takes away a lot of the stress of Cold Calling, due to less rejection fear.
  • Addressing Emails more effectively
    Send emails to companies, who have visited, thus have shown interest.
    Content: invitation for an event or your Newsletter subscription
    Higher likelihood the emails will be opened and read.
  • Newsletters delivery to interested parties
    Send Newsletters to the visiting companies with proposition for subscription to Newsletter
    Chances are high the Newsletter will be read.

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