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Visitors, Leads, Customers on Website: The Goal is Selling

  • Conventional lead generation is declining
  • Converting website visitors into sales supported by the website
  • Identifying the visiting companies and their interest
  • Alerting on the next visit
  • Observing the leads and customers on your website
  • A Lead Follow-up System beyond CRM: seamless integrated with website and email communication

Sales is a must

All companies need sales as without these the company will not continue to exist. Sales can be with existing customers or new customers.

In almost any case, both customers and potential new customers will visit the website, as this is regular habit in Business to Business (B2B), this explains the reason of LEADSExplorer web service: spying on your website visitors. Moreover all your marketing publications or communications, in printed or electronic format, will mention company website.
Hence it is logic for any of your business relations or future relations will visit your website, which is becoming the crucial node.

Trade show decline - less lead generation

Currently there is a decline of the trade shows (fewer venues) due to the increase in information retrieval over the Internet, as the search engines have turned the web into a 24 x 7 world wide tradeshow. This is posing a problem for lead generation, and a substitute is required: hence the importance for you or your sales team to track and trace the visitors on the website for identification.

Leads, Customers, Ex-Customers, Missed Customers

The business proposition of LEADSExplorer goes beyond finding leads and spying on leads and customers on the website, as there are many more business reasons for using this web service.
The purposes are ranging from leads, customers, ex-customers or missed customers.
But also this web service is to be used for noticing competitors, financial institutions, media & press on the website.

From Website visitors to Selling

The use of this service is multifold and will lead to reducing costs for lead generation and sales.

  1. Discovering and identifying potential customers
  2. Qualify website visitors as leads (or not yet)
  3. Alerting when a customer or ex-customer visits again and thus shows renewed interest
  4. Observing leads and customers will bring additional information.

1. Discovering and identifying potential customers

Getting leads in order to make new customers is important for sustaining any business. This is where prospecting should start: at the earliest of possible sign of interest: on your website.

Using all the available information from website visit data and Internet Data mining on the visiting company and possible contacts, this will allow having more effective Cold Calls. More effective, as they will be more interesting for the person called by the appropriate and timely information you are bringing. In order to have successful Cold Calling, preparation and method is needed for the ‘unexpected’ meeting, which requires several decisions to be taken before the call, what is possible by using LEADSExplorer.

Although visitors during their visit, want be “Unknown Buyer” or to stay incognito, both customers and potential customers will leave traces and footprints this is to be used with the visitor tracking system of LEADSExplorer
These visitor tracking systems come in several flavors and methods, but roughly can be divided into two groups:

  • E-mail initiated: pushing the web surfer to the website
  • IP-address based relying on the pull of the website by all Marketing efforts to get visitors (Inbound)

As the email initiated systems push the, sometimes ignorant, Internet surfer to the website, it is preferred to have really interested parties which are pulled to the website by their own interest (Inbound): as with LEADSExplorer using the IP-address based system.

In order to identify the visitors on your website, wiring of your website will help: not solely by implementing LEADSExplorer, but also by having contact forms and white paper downloads with registration available.

The traces and trails the visitors leave on the website, reveal about their buying intentions by the pages visited, the search terms used and the returning visits. This can indicate whether they are just looking or actively seeking a solution.

Additionally LEADSExplorer allows investigating on the IP address of the Visitor for more clues and information, in order to have better prospecting.

2. Alerting when revisit occurs

Keeping a relation with a customer or ex-customer, needs regular communications or even conversations between both parties involved. This can be done on a regular basis, but should certainly be followed up after a website visit, when it is the most interesting for both the customer and the seller.
LEADSExplorer will alert you when they visit again.

3. Observing leads and customers will bring additional information

The additional information is to be used for the subjects of messages and conversations.
In most cases Marketing communications are generic messages, which can be personalized using the retrieved information, still conversation are preferred as they are personalized and interactive.
People like to talk about their needs and problems, rather than about your solution or product. This is about nurturing of the leads or the customers and will help with customer retention.
Additionally an increase of customer engagement is feasible, as more and more the Internet and the Company website are becoming the channel for this.
On their term, these conversations are to be used to build relationships, and eventually the relationships will result into transactions. Conversations, relationships and transaction: Markets are all three things.

Moreover the reaction and impact of any communication or conversation can be noticed and measured by visits induced by these communications or conversations, thus allowing to rapidly adapting the message or subject.

This ability to have feedback from any communication message or conversation, allows for better:

  • Lead management: decision to follow-up upon which leads or customers using lead qualification.
  • Closing Sales: a higher closing rate can be expected.

All these multiple actions are best described and known as The Complex Sales in B2B.

Lead Follow-up System

As LEADSExplorer concerns customers and leads, it is related to Customer Relationship Management system, with the additional benefits of having a constant inflow of data from the website about customers and leads of their visits, on their behavior and interests. This will attract the Sales people and motivate them to use the Lead Follow-up System, thus overcoming several of the complaints concerning CRM’s.
As such this Relation Lead Management System goes much further than most CRM systems, as this includes Visiting Companies (VCRM) and Leads Relationship Management system (LRM).


In case of an online business, once a good amount of visits are being made, increasing the number of visits is less opportune as increasing the funnel and thus increasing the conversion from visitor to lead to customer.

White papers

More information can be found in our White Papers or in the different presentations.

Web service - Services

The reason Engago Technologies proposes LEADSExplorer as a web service (SaaS) has many good beneficial reasons. Mainly the ease of setup, the full service maintenance and the lacking requirement of IT staff in the company.

LEADSExplorer is available in 2 versions: DISCOVER: the `discovery of companies’ part and SALESTractor: the complete solution with Lead Follow-up.


If you need precise information about: general, legal and invoicing / payment - technical matters - visitor experience - user requirement, please visit the FAQ page.

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