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Lead Conversion and Closing Sales

  • More leads can convert into sales using:
    • web site visit data
    • the Activity charts
    • the Lead Follow-up System integrated with your website and email
  • It is not companies that buy, but the people in the companies: your visitors
  • Monitor their behavior and actions on your company website in order to close more deals
  • After the deal is closed: more visits will follow - to be followed up

Lead Conversion

Leads need to be converted into sales.
The integrated website visitor tracking system has now become a Contact tracking system.
Again using the combination of web site visits, the Activity charts, the Lead Follow-up System and the Lead Qualification, should help getting the Lead converted into sales.

At the same time, competitors visiting your website could give additional information on projects or prospects.

Closing Sales

The last part in the sales cycle is "Closing the Deal". This is the actions taken by the sales person to obtain agreement on the sale.
There are many closing techniques in sales for persuading the customer to make the necessary commitment.
There are three advices frequently mentioned:

  • It is not companies that buy, but the people in the companies.
  • Ask the right questions.
  • Sell on the tangibles, close on the intangibles.

These three are probably related.

Tangible and Intangible Benefits

The tangibles benefits are related to your product or service you are selling, thus known.
The intangible benefits are only to be estimated or guessed, as they are related to the people, thus every case can be different.
Still the more you know about your customer, about topics such as decision making, the goals of the company and the goals of the people, the greater the likelihood of having an indication of the intangibles, thus higher chance of success.
Thus asking questions will help to bring insight in their mindset or drivers.

You cannot monitor all of the customer's actions and their behavior, but you can monitor their actions on your website, the search words used and the originating sites. These can be a representation or a hint of the larger picture of their behavior or goals.
This limited knowledge of their entire behavior, can help to formulate the right questions.
Questions generating answers, these can reveal the intangibles.
In this way LEADSExplorer can help in Closing the Sales.

This is not the end, customer retention is required, and they will visit your web site again and again, which will be remarked by LEADSExplorer.

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