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Visitor IP address look-up

What is an IP address ?

Every visitor to your website has an IP address (Internet Protocol address).
An IP address is a unique address that certain electronic devices currently use in order to identify and communicate with each other on a computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP)—in simpler terms, a computer address.

Dynamic and Static IP address

In case of Internet connection for Retail (home) customers, the IP address is changed according to a time schedule decided by their ISP (Internet Service Provider), in order to prevent of setting up a web server at people their homes.
This is known as a dynamic IP address

In case of Company customers the IP address remains the same, thus uniquely identifying the Internet user or at least everyone surfing from within that company.
This is knows as a static IP address.
Most mid or larger companies have their own IP addresses or even blocks of a number of IP addresses. The ‘public’ traces revealed by search on IP, are from surfers from within that company.

IP address capture

On several forums, chats and message boards the IP address is being registered with every post or message.
This makes it possible to search for the IP address of a visitor of your website, in order to reveal the trails and traces on forums, message boards and other Internet places visited.

Interest, identity clues or identity

The IP address of the visitor can be used to try to track down his generic interest or even his identity:

  • The message board or forum can give an indication of the interests of the visitors, which can be related to the business activities.
  • The information on the message board or forum can contain his Nickname or his real name and sometimes even the email address.
  • By further searching on the Nickname or real name, you can sometimes retrieve more information in case the person is re-using the Nickname in different forums and message boards.


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