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Buyer Persona

Buyer Personas is profiling

Marketers use Buyer Personas for clarifying their prospect's and customer's goals, concerns, preferences and decision process. A Buyer Persona is a detailed profile of an example buyer – representing a real audience. It is a way of grouping your potential customers in segments.

Buyer Personas inappropriate in B2B

This will work in B2C as the numbers are massive, but in B2B how will your all important buyer or decision maker fit into a generic profile? The price of your product is too high for just sending a message matching a certain profile.

Potential buyers and decision makers:

  • Find themselves unique
  • Have specific needs for their specific problems or issues
  • Need special and specific attention
  • Crave to be understood

Sending a generic message according their Buyer Persona will not bring the expected result.

B2B requires personalized messages

Instead of using Buyer Personas, you should:

  • Be able to speak to buyers and decision makers:
    • in their language
    • on their level
    • towards their need
  • Be right on time
  • Establish relevant messages that are building value in your solutions

In this way you’ll be one step nearer to closing the sale.

  • Know their exact needs
  • Know their timing
  • Know their thinking
  • Massage your message until it fits

LEADSExplorer allows you to know exactly all the above for your conversational marketing providing your sales staff an opening to opportunity.

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