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Closed loop lead management

Align marketing and sales

In order to align Sales and Marketing and increase productivity is to have a closed loop lead management system which will:

  • Aggregate desperate data
    • Website visit data by company
    • Email by company
    • Website analytics by company
    • Pipeline versus website activity by company
  • Link the marketing automation system with the Lead Follow-up System
    • Re-targeting by email will create an event in the Lead Follow-up System
    • All outgoing emails captured within Lead Follow-up System
  • Integrate the website for web analytics and feed back system
    • Presenting the website activity by company: frequency and intensity
    • Combining visits and communication events on one time chart

All this lead information and intelligence provided by LEADSExplorer

Closed loop

This will eliminate the bureaucracy of sales and marketing and develop watertight work flows with instantaneous reporting and passing the leads from marketing to sales:

  • Identifies
        The visiting company is identified as well as its’ interest in your products.
  • Qualifies
        Automatic lead scoring and visit data / analytics by company let you qualify the visiting companies.
  • Re-targets
        High scoring leads on your website are re-targeted by email for nurturing.
  • Generates
        Sales leads are generated from your website.
  • Distributes
        Assigning leads to your sales force or channel partners in order not to miss any opportunity.
  • Collects
        Lead information is aggregated from multiple Internet sources and your email system,
        making the data available for instant access to all involved.
  • Quantifies
        Quantify your prospect's budget and purchasing intentions to create a productive sales tunnel.
  • Nurtures
        Leads can be nurtured through contact and follow-up, ensuring awareness of your solution.
  • Timely
        The purchasing intentions of leads and customers are made visible
        for immediate contact by sales force or channel partners.
  • Monitores
        Leads are tracked and monitored from the very beginning, ensuring that no opportunity is lost.
  • Sells
        Your existing sales force is empowered with lead and customer information and intelligence
        for selling and closing B2B solutions.
  • Post-sales
        Once a lead has become a customer he will be tracked and can be nurtured.
  • Eliminates
        The overhead of contacting customers over an over again is eliminated
        as the appointed salesman will be aware when a customers show renewed interest.
  • Re-sells
        The salesman is able to call timely the customer on the appropriate subject of interest.

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