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Cold Calling 2.0

  • Cold calling 2.0: using the website to know the interested parties
    • Problem: max. 3% will complete online form or leave contact details
  • The cold calling objections: time waste, rejection fear, not accepted, ...
  • How LEADSExplorer overcomes these: know potential buyers and interest

Cold Calling is the Salesman calling someone doesn't know.
Cold Call: A telephone call to someone who is not expecting to be contacted.
This is the hardest part of any sales in any industry: Finding and contacting new Contacts for Lead Generation.

Cold Calling 2.0

In Cold Call 2.0 or Sales 2.0 the website is used to get contact details using forms; allowing contacting by email or telephone the interested party for proactively further developing into a prospect, by using information gathered on the Internet about the company.
However only a very small number (2-3%) of website visitors will ever leave contact details on the website. As such the Sales model shift from push to pull (Inbound) doesn't work sufficiently.

Cold Calling objections:

Over time, Cold Calling would have become less and less effective. Cold Calling has even been declared "death".
Several objections have been posed:

  1. Cold calling provides zero value to others
    If you prepare the Cold Call message by using the information provided by LEADSExplorer:
    • Company information.
    • Interest for a product or service.
    • Behavior analysis on the website.
    • Information about the Contact.
    In this way there will be value in your first Cold Call for the addressee, by mentioning:
    • Only those functions and features suited to their needs.
    • The tangible benefits for their case.
    • The intangible benefits for their Enterprise
    • Matching reference case based upon the knowledge gathered.
    All the information gathered about the company and the visitor or contact, will allow you to focus on their needs and problems, what they prefer above all.
    Thus you will:
    • Create affinity
    • Establish credibility
    • Start the persuasive (selling) process
    Instead of selling the product or service, sell the appointment by using the above.

  2. Cold calling strictly limits your income by time
    True: Calling all of your potential customers, would take forever.
    • By calling only those companies who visited your website, the quantities are limited and the parties are interested.
  3. Cold calling lacks honesty and integrity
    • As specified above: only call upon those companies who visited, as this is timely, providing valuable information, the perception will be different as the attitude of the addressee will be different by being interested.
    • By opening up a conversation instead of a sales pitch, the perception will be different.
    • Create confidence with your knowledge.
    • Become a professional problem solver, not a seller.
  4. Ignorant cold calling is no longer accepted
    This is evident, with all the currently available information.
    • Gather and compile all the information you can get in order to be knowledgeable about the company to be called upon.
    • Ask open ended questions, based upon the knowledge and information of the company and person.
  5. The rejection fear makes Cold Calls less effective.
    In almost all cases, the main fear about Cold Calling is the fear for rejection, the fear of the unknown:
    • Using LEADSExplorer you will only call upon interested companies at the moment of their interest
    • As you have investigated on the person to contact, you "know" him somewhat.

LEADSExplorer allows you to cold call on interested companies as they have visited your website.
More info here.

visiting companies

Before to starting a series of Cold Calls, several decisions need to be taken, fitting into a methodology for preparation.

The benefits of Cold Calling with LEADSExplorer.

The goals of LEADSExplorer are to:

  • Enable salespersons to differentiate from competition.
  • Facilitate ideal customer experience.
  • Provide information for communications and conversations with potential buyers.
  • Select potential buyers with highest level of interest.
  • Deliver just-in-time messaging.
  • Track all messaging and communications.
  • Minimize salesperson data entry.
  • Track and monitor each opportunity.
  • Increase funnel.

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