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The Web 2.0 conversion funnel increase

  • The web 2.0 funnel: the more you know the better for the funnel
  • Increase sign-up free trial: address their problems
  • Increase conversions based upon information from your website
  • More conversions is more revenue

Typical Web 2.0 funnel

The Web 2.0 web services are characterized by the free trials or freemiums and the premiums (paying) services. In many cases this pricing comes in 3 buckets of services: “Bronze”, “Silver” and “Gold”.

A typical Web2.0 conversion funnel is:

  • Visitors:             100
  • Trial for free:        10
  • Active trial users:   5  
  • Paying users:         1

So for every paying customer there has been 100 visitors to the website.

The visitors have found the website by search engine, a link from another page, online advertising, or printed matters.
These visitors are unknown to you, but using LEADSExplorer a large number can be identified by the Company name, location and capturing their interests and behavior for exploring and converting into freemium and premium customers.

Why no signup for free trial

There can be many reasons why 90 out of 100 visitors leave the website without considering to signup for the free trial:

  • Solution not suited.
  • Website has not informed correctly
  • The visitors have wrongly interpreted the information on the website
  • Complex and cumbersome signup data (too much input).
  • No pricing listed for the paying version.

This conversion to trial offers the largest opportunity to improve the conversion rate, as people only have received the information in a generic non personalized manner through the website.

Increase signup for free trial

By using LEADSExplorer it is possible to investigate on their behavior on the website and company or even personal information, allowing you to address their supposed problems or their business case.

Suppose you qualify 40% of the visitors as potential customer and thus would try to contact and communicate with them.
In the example: 10 from these 40 potential customers will signup for trial anyway. Thus the 30 remaining are the ones who can still be convinced.  As the communication to them will be timely and contain adequate and personalized information, a larger part would signup for the free trial.

This improved conversion rate will depend on your skills for:

  • Analyzing their needs.
  • Putting together the appropriate communication message.
  • Opening a conversation.
  • Listening capability, once in contact with an employee.

Suppose only an additional 17% signs up, the free signup would increase to:
30 x 17% = 5 above the 10 signups.
These would bring the total signup for free trial to 15 signups. Or a 50% funnel conversion increase.

Conversion from free trial to paying customer

Applying the standard metrics (10%) the total number for converting free to paying customers would already increase to 1.5 paying customers or a 50% increase.

As LEADSExplorer allows tracking, tracing and analyzing all visits and communications between the company and you, the conversion into paying customer will be higher, as without:

  • People signup for trial, but never use (10% of free signup).
  • People signup for trial, but only try once or twice (40% of free signup).
  • Active free users who never become paying users (40% of free signup).
By analysis and interpretation of all the available data of website visits and application use patterns, you can:
  • Ask the most adequate and/or appropriate questions.
  • Start a conversation.
  • Build a relationship.
  • Follow up on their visits and the use of your application.

Thus being able to adequately and timely act and react upon their behavior.
Moreover you will learn about their requirements and how application suits their case or not.

Visitor identification by company name

Augment funnel conversion to customers

All this received and obtained information can be used for nurturing them or just remind them on the benefits of the free trial. This will establish a relationship during the conversation, which will increase the conversion rate significantly: 15% instead of 10%.
Thus the 15 signups would become 2.25 paying customers, which is significant improvement of the funnel from the original 1 paying signup.
Just doubling your sales !


How to measure the success of your web app
Web app autopsy
Cold Calling 2.0

LEADSExplorer allows you to cold call on warm companies: those who have visited your website.

Free trial

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     You want:

Article writing is beneficial for generating more visitors to your website as the article is presented on a different website and thus is exposed to a different audience than your website.
A visitor who has previously read your article should have a higher chance of getting qualified as he has shown interest by clicking on the link to your website in the article.
Article writing should be one of the best efforts in B2B for lead generation.

Funnel tracking

Once leads are in the funnel, the goal is to progress them through the funnel at a steady pace and minimum effort. During the sales process in the funnel, the leads have to be qualified regularly in order to be able to decide to keep or remove them of the funnel. The more leads you keep in the sales funnel, the more work for the sales force. Using LEADSExplorer, the qualification can be monitored more precise, thanks to the website visits visualization and the visiting data by organization.
Funnel tracking increases insight into different types of leads and customers.