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Lead Generation and Lead Follow-up System

  • Computer Assisted Selling instead of a CRM
  • Lead generation instead of statistics: finding and retaining customers
  • Lead acquisition instead of metrics
  • Ease of use and unstructured data allowed
  • Website, Internet and email supply the Lead Follow-up System with data and information
  • Customer and leads relationship management instead of transactional

The differentiating features of: SALESTractor

1. Computer Assisted Selling instead of CRM

The selling and building the relations is the job of the Salesman, not to be replaced by Information Technology.
However information technology should help the salesman in this.

2. Lead generation instead of statistics

Creating customers instead of counting customers.
Currently most of CRM systems are intended for large companies with massive amount of customers. Statistics and counting is possible and can be interesting for demographics and related marketing decisions.
However most companies are small or medium sized and have a limited number of customers: from tens to hundreds of customers. Especially in B2B.
The problem is not in counting the customers or classifying, but in:

  • Finding new customers.
  • Growing existing customers.

LEADSExplorer doesn’t focus on the statistics, but on the matter of finding of leads and nurturing customers.

3. Lead acquisition instead of metrics

Many CRM are measuring how efficiently the process of lead acquisition is carried out after the new leads have:

  • Contacted the company by email or telephone
  • Filled in the form on the website
  • Returned a self addressed envelope or reply card

The CRM should be measuring how well the lead generation is actually working from scratch, when someone from a company:

  • Visits the website
  • Replies on an emailing
  • Gets interested after a cold call

This is addressed by LEADSExplorer: lead generation and follow-up from the earliest possible moment.

4. Unstructured data allowed

Essentially a CRM is a relational database with forms for entering and retrieving data.
Nothing really innovating, and perfect for storing structured data, however the real world is not structured and has no structured data, where the typical CRM is failing.

LEADSExplorer allows you to complete the entry fields freely and has reserved free form memo field per customer.

5. Ease-of-Use and KISS:

Most CRM vendors claim their solution is easy to use, however it is not. This is clearly proved by the fact they give training courses in order to use their solution.
Some even require dedicated staff to operate the CRM.

LEADExplorer uses an intuitive web 2.0 interface and is organized using a minimum amount of screens to keep the learning curve low. Still all the information is available within reach of a mouse click.
Additionally LEADSExplorer applies the Keep It Simple System (or Stupid) principle: “Less is More”.
LEADSExplorer brings the adequate functionality

6. Automatic inflow of data

CRM requires all people involved to take actions that are not part of their natural work process in order to keep the system up-to-date. This is “Feeding the monster (CRM)”.These are additional workflow steps that are not necessary for running business conventionally.
The result is “garbage in – garbage out”

LEADSExplorer circumvents this by feeding the CRM with the website visits of all possible sales opportunities: Leads, Prospects, Customers, Ex-Customers, and Missed Customers.

This constant inflow of new data into the CRM attires all sales people to the CRM.
This inflow of visiting data is showing the reactions indicated by the visits upon the marketing communications or sales conversations (by email or verbally).
The sales and marketing people see immediately the effect of their efforts of entering the contact history, as the visits are the “reply” or “reaction” on the contact events and are a valuable part of the contact history.
This brings a tangible benefit for them to use the CRM properly.

7. Customer Relationship instead of Customer Transactional Systems

Most CRM are best suited for transactional types of companies (using a call centre), rather  than being suited for small and medium sized businesses, which have client relationships, as they are more solution oriented in nature. Thus most CRM are CTM, whereas businesses need a Customer and Leads Relationship Management.

LEADSExplorer is all about Customer Relationship Management, even more it is also Lead Relationship Management.
Every communication or conversation with the customer or lead can be monitored and the effect can be ‘measured’ by the induced visits on the website: number of unique visitors, number of pages visited, returning visitors and search terms used.
All this information allows adjusting the messages towards the Customer or Lead for building an even better relationship.

Most important CRM features

According to an inquiry, the most important features for CRM are:

  • Contact history                      79.6%
  • Lead tracking                         62.2%
  • Opportunity management      49.0%
  • Task list                                  40.8%

All these functions are provided by LEASExplorer

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You want:

Start with a lead ?

Does lead generation start with a lead?
Maybe a lead is just too late. The first sign of interest needs to be evaluated in order to track your potential customer from the start. This is typical when they address to you by telephone, email or on a trade show.
However in this Internet world of websites the first sign of interest is in many cases on your website.
Thus it does no longer start with a lead, but with the analysis of the fist visit on your website.