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Lead generation, sales and CRM need to integrate with the Internet

  • The Internet and your website have become an important sales cycle part
  • 7 Out of 10 B2B deals start with an Internet search
  • Max. 3% of all visitors will leave contact details or complete online form
  • Outbound marketing is out - Inbound marketing is in
  • CRM should become a source of information instead of data entry system

Lead generation: Internet centric

Internet has become a trade show

  • The search engines have turned the Internet into a 24 X 7 tradeshow.
  • 7 out of 10 B2B deals start with an Internet search.

Company website crucial node

The company website is the first source of information for any potential customer.
Although visiting a website is a one directional communication, it can generate two way communications when the visitor gets involved.

Before or during the purchase cycle one or more employees or decision makers of the potential client company will visit your company website.

Most communications (email, telephone, Press releases, articles, leaflets, product sheets and references on other websites) will generate visits on your website.
The earliest or first communication with most leads or with customers looking for a solution is the website visit. This is preferred as it is incognito and no involvement or inquiries.

Online forms: unused
Only 2-3% of your website visitors will ever complete an online form for contact, download white paper or online demo.
And even if the online form has been used, web mail addresses are being used that have no value.
Thus upfront you miss 97% of all your potential leads.

Outbound marketing - Push marketing is out
The era of push marketing is over: People no longer want to be pushed by emails to visit websites. They are enough educated on Internet search to find the information they need.
The era of Pull (Inbound) marketing is coming.

Cold calling on warm companies
Instead of addressing all your possible customers in a market, just call or email those companies that have visited your website and you have qualified as lead based upon the website visit data and the retrieved Internet information about the company.

visiting companies

CRM: Internet inflow of data

CRM: beyond a relational data base with input forms and reports
In most cases a CRM is a relational database with input forms and reports.
It is time the CRM adopts new technologies and gets integrated into the Internet:

Seamless integration of website and CRM
The company website is the place where both possible leads and exiting customers come for information. This visit data should flow continuously into the CRM, in order to know the reactions of leads and customers upon your communications.
The CRM should provide analysis of visit data and your communications.

Eliminating the cumbersome tasks
Instead of a data entry application, the CRM should become a source of information.
Thus all possible information should be gathered and aggregated into the CRM by the application.
Data from website, Internet, emails, …
LEADSExplorer collects all your emails in one place by customer.

Internet Data Mining
As there is an abundant amount of information available on the Internet about companies and people working in those companies, the CRM should provide for this information by Internet Data Mining.
Not solely for background information, but also for finding possible contacts.

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