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Lead scoring

Passing qualified leads to sales for improving sales effectiveness

While decision makers and purchasers increasingly use the Internet to research solutions and investigate in products, prospects are to be spotted by the companies earlier than ever in their buying process. The earlier you can reach out to a possible prospect the better.
B2B marketers need to find the qualified sales leads quickly and pass them to sales faster than the competitor or before their interest goes cold.
To solve this automatic leads scoring has become a requirement.

Automatic lead scoring - lead qualification

Automatic Lead scoring

Each day many companies are visiting your website which can be identified by LEADSExplorer providing:

  • Company name
  • Website

Measuring their interest can be a tedious task: this is solved by the automatic lead scoring of LEADSExplorer. Lead scoring allows to quickly passing the hottest leads to your sales reps:

  • Lead scoring:
    • Intensity of visits
    • Number of pages visited
    • Duration of website visit
    • Number of revisits
  • Geography: in order to know which sales reps: country / language / region
  • Product:
    • Most visited pages
    • Longest visited pages
    • Search terms used or referring website

Additionally LEADSExplorer allows you sending quickly an email to the interested companies using email templates for starting nurturing your prospects.

Lead scoring for sales-readiness

After being identified and qualified as lead, prospects require further lead nurturing before they become sales-ready. This means marketers or sales reps need the ability to monitor prospect activity and understand when a lead is ready to engage with sales.

Using the Activity charts by company you can view over time:

  • The increase or decrease of interest
  • The communications: email, telephone, meetings, encounters
  • Interaction between communications and website visits

In order to measure your nurturing effectiveness and know about their sales-readiness.

Visitor identification by company name

Benefits automatic lead scoring

  • Improve sales alignment between marketing and sales
  • Increase sales effectiveness by focusing mainly on qualified leads
  • Nurture your prospects better
  • Win more deals – grow your revenue faster at the same cost

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The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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