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Matching visitor with email address

Email address matching by email communication

When you send or receive emails and you use the DropBox feature (Bcc or automatic relay) then the service will try to match an incoming email to the visitor on your website.
This gives the unique benefit of identifying visitors with their email address letting you know who actually is visiting your website.

See Visiting companies with visitors (from emails): Visitors Company Email

Lead and customer intelligence

Giving you the best source for lead and customer intelligence as you will know exactly:

  • What a person is interested in
  • When he was interested
  • Level of interest
  • Increase or decrease of interest over time

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How: Email Collector by company: Drop Storage

LEADSExplorer can store email from/to your contacts and automatically associate your emails with the correct contact or company in SALESTractor.

There are 3 ways to import mail to your account:
  • By putting your dropbox in BCC when sending an email
  • By forwarding emails you sent or received to your dropbox
  • By having your incoming emails automatically forwarded to your dropbox

Your dropbox is an email account that is associated with your account. You can find it when you login under the 'admin' tab.
Email dropbox

See screen shots.

What happens to my mail when it arrives at the dropbox ?

If the contact already exists the email will be available in the email section under the 'SALESTractor' tab of the company your contact belongs to. A corresponding event will be created.
If the contact doesn't exist, but the company does and the domain name is known then a new contact will be created automatically for you. A corresponding event will be created.
If neither the company nor contact exists then you will be able to find the mail under the general 'email' tab. You can link it to a company later on from here.

BCC'ing your dropbox

Whenever you send a mail to someone you can put your dropbox in the BCC field. Depending on your email client, it's possible to do this by default.
It's technically also possible to put the dropbox in the CC field. We advice against this because then your contact will be able to see that you are also sending to a dropbox, and your dropbox might be 'found' by virus or trojans on your contacts computer or on the computer of anyone he or she forwards the email to.
This would cause spam to be sent directly to your dropbox which is of course to be avoided.

Forwarding to your dropbox

After you sent or received a mail you can forward it to your dropbox if you want it to be imported. Just forward the mail as you would any other mail, and put the email address of your dropbox in the 'To' field.

Automatic relay to your dropbox

It is possible to have your incoming mails automatically relayed to your dropbox. You usually can't configure this by yourself and need assistance of the system administrator or IT department at your company.
Automatic relaying has 2 big advantages:

  • Determine automatically which visit or visitor corresponds to the email sender
  • All incoming email will be available in your LEADSExplorer account instantly
If wanted, it is of course possible to only forward specific or general (sales@yourcompany.com) email this way.

See the screen shots here

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