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Improving Direct Marketing using targeted Direct Mailing

Direct Marketing is targeting potential customers

Direct marketing brings the advantage of directly addressing the target segment of potential customers. However much is wasted as only a minority is interested at the moment of sending the direct mailing.

Addressing interested companies with direct mail

The additional benefits that LEADSExplorer brings to direct mailings are:

  • Addressing companies that are interested at the moment of sending the emailing or direct mailing
  • Sending the message that really interests them

Achieving more efficient Direct Mailings

Companies that visit your website are interested. Hence targeting visiting companies is much more efficient.

LEADSExplorer will:

  • Reveal the company names and domain name
  • Show their interest in your products or services
    • What are they searching for: search terms
    • What was their Internet origin: the referencing page indicates their interest
    • What pages have been visited
    • What pages have been revisited
  • Score the level of interest: to know the most interested companies
  • Allow you to find contacts and email addresses on the Internet from many data bases using stored search queries

More successful direct marketing

This will allow you to turn you direct marketing into a very efficient direct mailing campaign by addressing people in the most interested companies with the most appropriate message suiting their needs.

Re-targeting your visiting companies using suiting messages is much more efficient than plain Direct Mailings.

This improved Direct Marketing you can try here for free.

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