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Inbound outbound web analytics marketing system

Inbound marketing generating traffic

The first step in Outbound-Inbound Marketing is to attract as much targeted traffic as possible to your website by:

  • SEO: keywords
  • Page grading: on page SEO
  • Link grading: off page SEO
  • SEM: Search Engine Marketing
  • Content on website: publish as much relevant content on your website
  • Content off-website: Publish as much content on the Internet: articles, blog posts, white papers, ...
  • Content off-line: articles, publications, editorials
  • Advertising: print advertising – online advertising

All these methods and efforts contribute to the success of inbound marketing as a part of Internet marketing.

Anonymous visitor traffic analysis

The next step is to implement the anonymous traffic analysis of LEADSExplorer for:

All these actionable web analytics without the need for your visitor need to fill out a form or to contact you directly as LEADSExplorer provides this real-time web lead and customer intelligence.

report by email new visiting companies

Outbound marketing - Relevant lead nurturing

You will build your own targeted email marketing list of interested companies and the stored procedures of LEADSExplorer will get you the contacts in these companies.

Instead of mass marketing email campaigns, which are like shooting with a machine gun at a herd, you will be able to re-target your visiting companies with relevant messages for lead nurturing. This omits the need for cold calling as you will be calling (or contacting) warm companies without the rejection fear.

As Buyer Personas are way too generic for B2B, you use the lead and customer intelligence of LEADSExplorer for creating and crafting personalized relevant messages with the right call to action: buy, download, sign-up, reply, investigate, engage into a communication.

As you know when they are interested you will send the messages timely in order to engage your leads, prospects and customers.
The goal is to enter into a conversation with them for your conversational marketing.

Converting visitors into sales

Using the digital body language of your leads, prospects and customers on your website you will shorten your sales cycle significantly as you can adjust your nurturing to their online behavior (visits and emails) while measuring the effectiveness of your nurturing and improving your sales process.

Sales process - Purchase process

During their purchase process your leads and customers will continue to visit the website for additional or different information (like company information or references).
Again this can easily be remarked by the alerts, when a company visits again, provided by LEADSExplorer. These re-visits are important in the progress of your sales process as they are indicators of the increase of interest. Using the Activity charts the analysis of the increase or decrease of their interest driven by your nurturing (plotted out on the same chart) you will know when it is their intention to buy.

Sales deal closing

This is still up to you. However supported by all the knowledge and information concerning your prospect gathered from the website by LEADSExplorer - the lead tracking intelligence tool.

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