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Lead profiling for generating more revenue

Prioritizing leads has become a requirement

More revenue is earned when providing sales reps with easy-to-get-to info about prioritizing sales efforts allowing knowing which and when to call or contacting leads, prospects and customers.

However, most companies aren’t providing their salesmen sufficient information for tuning their focus to the best prospects. In most case the sales rep receives little information about a prospect: company name and a telephone number or email address and maybe an indication of interest. As a result more than 20% of the time of a salesman is wasted talking to the wrong people at the wrong time about the wrong subject.

Lead profiling: comprehensible and easy accessible

What is needed is comprehensible and easy to access lead profiling.
LEADSExplorer provides not only the company name but also the interest in products or services, the interest history, company background information and lead scoring. This information allows lead profiling in order to prioritize and focus on the best leads.

report by email new visiting companies

Not only your sales reps will appreciate this but also your leads as they will engage in an interesting conversation that relates to their problems or the issues they are currently having.

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The discovery of companies and their interest on your website can also be used to follow-up on your leads and trace your customers as they visit your website too.

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