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Prospect identifying and tracking

Prospects on your website

What if you would be able to know that a big or small prospect was checking out your website ?

LEADSExplorer gathers intelligence from your website about the visitors in order to let you know which company is visiting your website and how frequent the employees of the company are visiting of have visited.

In order to receive all these information it requires:

  • No need for filling out of forms by your visitors
  • No emails to be send for tracking
  • Just a tracking code in your website

Prospect intelligence and actionable information

Not just the company and their frequency of visits is revealed but also their interest in your products, their origin on the Internet, their language and location.

This will be a tremendous help and leg up on your best prospects as you can:

  • Improve targeting a specific company
  • Know whether your work on a specific account is creating any traction and interest
  • Assign hot prospects to the right sales reps.

This will allow you or your sales team to close more sales in a shorter time.

Start finding and tracking your prospects right now by signing-up for a free trial.

The data and information provided by LEADSExplorer is also useful for following-up on your leads and tracing your customers as they do visit your website too.

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