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Content marketing should attract the right audience

Improving content and the effectiveness of content

The goal of content marketing is to drive traffic to your website at no cost as your content is found through organic search (search engines). In theory the more traffic should bring more lead generation as these people are interested in your products or services.

However it is important to know if the traffic obtained is professional or not. If your web pages mainly get residential surfers then you are getting the wrong public.

Know if your web pages are visited by business people or not

In order to know what your contents attracts businesses you need measuring which requires a web service that reveals the companies visiting amongst all of your visitors.

LEADSExplorer offers this functionality for each page of your website allowing improving your content and the lead generation effectiveness of your content.

This relates to the digital body language of your lead.
You will know what your leads require which increases the likelihood of success and decreases significantly the waste of time as your salesmen will only call leads having a demand.

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