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Features of DISCOVER and SALESTractor

The Six Steps: Discover SALESTractor Info / Report used:
1. Discover:
Discover visitors: browse - find - investigate
2. Define Company:
Basic Internet Data Mining for Company
Identify Company
Visitor qualification as lead
Create Company identity
Create Company identity in Lead Follow-up
Internet Data Mining on Company for Contacts and Information
Enter Contact details and Information in Lead Follow-up
3. Identify needs:
Identify needs by pages visited by Visitors Visits by Page
Identify Companies needs by specific page Visits by Page
Identify Company needs with aggregated page data
Identify Company needs with aggregated search words used
4. Prospecting:
Visitor qualification: evaluate if company is worthwhile
Limiting efforts: Contacting only interested companies
- Cold Calling: find and use contacts 
- E-Mailing: find and use email addresses
- Email collection: collecting all emails in and out
- EMail tracking: tracks emailings

Internet Data Mining
Email alerts when specified Companies visit (again)
Notification for Companies (Visitors) returning after 3 months
Follow-up on visits by type of Company Visit Report
Events (actions and communications) with Company in Lead Follow-up
Next action planning after completion of task
To-do lists based upon planned tasks
Analyze interaction of Events and visits in Activity Time Chart
Analyze activity status of companies in Activity chart overview Activity report
Match Contacts with Visitors using Activity Time Chart
5. Lead qualification - Nurture Leads
Lead Qualification
Compare Lead Qualification and Activity Time Chart for priorities/urgency Activity report
Nurture Leads Activity report
6. Close Sale

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