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Sell more effectively than ever - Who is browsing your website - Turn unknown B2B visitors into business leads

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Reduce costs and be more effective in Business

Reduce significantly costs for Lead Generation, Sales and Maintaining Customers

Get more lead opportunities:

  • Identify significantly more companies, than the 2-3% who submit their contact details on your website.
  • Qualify your website visitors as leads or not interesting.
  • Any visitor is a potential lead as an interest is present
  • More lead opportunities reduce the average lead or sales cost.
Reducing costs for:
  • Lead Generation: Automation and Limit efforts
    Instead of addressing all of your potential customers, by emails or telephone calls, using LEADSExplorer you can limit your efforts to addressing only those companies, who have visited your website.
  • Lead Acquisition: Visual interaction and appropriate and timely messages
  • Lead Management: Optimize your efforts
    What Prospect or Customer to follow-up on closely ?
Have more effective:
  • Conversations: Get a subject for appropriate conversation, instead of a generic Campaign.
  • Customer Engagement: Survey the Customers' behavior closely
  • Lead Nurturing: Be more knowledgeable about your Prospects
  • Customer Retention: Know when the Customer visits again, and what they look for
  • Sales Close: Define the Intangible Benefits: Sell on the Tangibles, Close on the Intangibles
    For defining the Intangible Benefits, a profound knowledge of your Prospect is required, LEADSExplorer allows you to know more about the Prospect.
Feedback sales process

Download: Click here to open pdf a one page Product sheet on LEADSExplorer.
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You want:

You have an advantage if you sell a tangible benefit that is easy to measure.
This will benefit your sales price as the price is related to the perceived benefit.
Still every benefit has a downside too.