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       Know the companies interested in your products from your website X   -   Let clicks become leads ! X
Get the customer before your competion does - Turn anonymous traffic into sales - Accellerate your lead generation
Sell more effectively than ever - Who is browsing your website - Turn unknown B2B visitors into business leads

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The Services


Identifies company names of website visitors for lead generation

Know your visitor: Identification of your website visitors by company name and domain name

  • Origin and interest of visitor:
    • Search terms used
    • Type of the link: organic / paid link / advertising / email campaign
  • Location and language
  • Pages visited: click path film + most visited page + longest visited pages
  • Returning visitors

      Online lead generation - company names

Qualify your website visitors as leads or not interesting, based upon:

  • the above website data
  • Internet search and data retrieval

The goal is to address interested visiting companies - timely

Not just any company in a market segment (from email marketing lists), but really interested companies that are interested now. The service allows to re-target these companies by email. More on re-targeting

Click here for an overview of features of DISCOVER: More leads from your website.

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SALESTractor: (includes DISCOVER)

CRM - Lead generation and customer retention

CRM for Lead generation, Lead and Customer nurturing,
Online lead generation Lead acquisition, Customer retention, Customer engagement.

SALESTractor: seed your leads, nurture your prospects and customers, and harvest sales.

For detailed information on SALESTractor click here

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The Lead generation and Selling using LEADSExplorer

The Services are further explained as there is more than just discovering visiting companies. It is a new approach to prospecting by setting up conversations based upon the interests shown on the website.

Instead of addressing all your potential customers by mass marketing, LEADSExplorer allows to cold call or email only those companies that have visited your website.

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LEADSExplorer explained in 1-2-3 slides
View at:  slideshare   or on   Authorstream

LEADSExplorer: Lead generation and customer retention
View at:  slideshare   or on   Authorstream

Click here for overview of features DISCOVER and SALESTractor.