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Instantly increase email marketing list success

Mass mailing campaigns: low success rate

Currently you use your email marketing list (assembled yourself or bought from a list provider) for sending out massive email campaigns.
This is like shooting with a machine gun to a herd.

You are presenting a product or solution that might not interest the emailed people at this very moment. It is unlikely you will get a high success rate.

Improving email marketing list efficiency

When you find in LEADSExplorer an interested company that you have qualified as lead, then take your email marketing list and search for that company in the list.
If the company is included in the list, which should as your email list is about your target market, then contacts within this company should show up in your search results.

Now you can send a relevant targeted email timely to these contacts which is very likely to be successful as the company has showed interest just before.
This is like shooting with a sniper rifle at a target.

Take away the uncertainty of when to propose what solution

  • Solution / Product: as you will know the product they are interested in by:
    • Search terms used
    • Pages visited
    • Search terms and pages re-visited during next visit
  • Time: as the companies have shown their interest right now

Send timely emails that receive interest and attention

Less is more.

The system can connect email addresses with visitors automatically

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