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The visual analysis: communications and website visits

Contact history

Once you have defined a company as lead you will try to communicate.
Thus you will email or cold call upon contacts or possible contacts within this company.

These communications you register in the events (or contact history) in the Lead Follow-up System. In case of email you can have these having registered automatically by the service.

Communications induce website visits

Every communication can induce one or more website visits.
These visits, which are registered without their intervention or awareness in the Lead Follow-up System, are a reaction upon your communication. It is like looking over their shoulder.

Plotting communications and visits

As the visiting data is streamed continuously into the Lead Follow-up System and the communications are registered in the Lead Follow-up System too: both can be plotted side by side on a time axis over several months: the activity charts by company.

Activity website and communications Top: visits
Indication of visit frequency and intensity
Bottom: communications
Red communications in
Blue: your communications

Not only the visit, but also the length and the number of pages for the visits by day are indicated by the height of the indicator and the color intensity.
Giving you an easy visual indication of the website activity by company

Visual analysis

This visual analysis of communications with visits can be used for:

  • Changing the contact to communicate to.
  • Adjusting the message or the subject, if the contact hasn't reacted (by a visit or a reply).
  • Adjusting the message or the subject in relation to the newly visited pages.
  • Knowing the growing level of interest in your offering by increasing number of visits
  • Knowing the decreasing level of interest in your offering by the decreasing number of visits (or even no more visits).
  • Having reasons for calling upon a customer or ex-customer

Lead generation, lead qualification and sales process

The visual analysis is to be used for both lead generation, lead qualification and during the sales process as it provides an overview of the activity on your website.
By combining each activity charts with the corresponding lead or project value, selecting those leads to follow-up (lead management) can be done very effectively.

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