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Ghosts: un-identified visitors on your website

  • Website visitors want to stay incognito: like ghosts
  • The need to identify your visitors for lead generation or customer retention
  • Know the company names of your website visitors (and domain name, location, language, ...)
  • Define their interest
  • Qualify visitors as leads based upon the company visiting data and Internet information

Visitors like ghosts

Your company website is like a showroom, a shop or an agency office in the real world except it is on the Internet.
People find your website by directories, search engines, references or advertising, pretty much the same as for a showroom, a shop or an agency office: yellow pages, advertising, leaflets or references.

What if people visiting your showroom, shop or agency office would be dressed uniformly and masked? And would never tell you anything or ask any questions: entering and leaving your premises without leaving any information behind.
This is what happens on your website: almost always as only 2 to 3% will ever contact you for information or any kind of download (white paper, presentation, web seminar,…)

Imagine your showroom, shop or agency office being visited by ghosts.

Visitor identification by company name

Identify the visitors by company

In order to solve the visiting ghosts problem LEADSExplorer reveals:

  • The company names of the website visitors
  • The website - domain name
  • The visiting data:
    • Origin of visit: so you don’t have to ask where they are from
      • The search terms used
      • The originating website
      • Type of link: organic, paid, linked, from an email campaign
      • The visit analytics & statistics
    • The activity on your website:
      • Pages visited
      • Time spent on these pages
      • Click path
      • The returning visitors
    • The location in the world
    • The language used
  • Further more retrieve information from the Internet about the business, nature, office locations, finances, size of the company.

Qualify visitors as leads

The combination of all this information will allow you to qualify the visiting companies as leads, allowing you to cold call on warm companies.

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